MK Shipping Limited

...the complete port agency!


Our container department has access to all the current port systems including CNS /DESTIN 8 / VISUAL BROKER / PENTANT. We collate and input information from shipping lines to ensure that their exports are cleared for shipment and relevant details are passed to ship’s planners including hazardous details / out of gauge / overheight/wide etc. If required we arrange NES export clearance.

Due to our experience in this type of activity we can ensure that there is a smooth line of communication between the shipping line, port operator and ship planner resulting in the ultimate aim of everyone – an efficient and speedy turnaround for the vessel.

Similarly import cargo is controlled for release and delivery to road transport and if required our customs department can arrange clearance.

Our office is situated in the Port of Tilbury and within walking distance of the container berth where the vessels call.